Jeffrey Baker

Jeffrey Baker is a self-taught artist living and painting in Coffs Harbour, which he now calls home after moving here in the late 1970s.

As a young adult, surf culture shaped Jeffrey’s early career, providing both a pastime and an outlet for his artistic expression.  His first foray into art was painting surfboards, a hobby which turned into a passion for art and laid the foundations of his fascination with line, colour, perspective and the natural environment.

Jeffrey started to gain a reputation as a conventional artist while living in Sydney and painting artworks for a Bondi gallery owner. Still working with surfboard art at this time, Jeffrey spent a lot of his time travelling between Australia and New Zealand, having no real base and working wherever his art took him.  Eventually, Jeffrey’s pursuit of love and the perfect wave drew him to the North Coast of Australia after deciding his vagabond ways must come to an end in order to plan the next stage of his life.

Following the success of smaller exhibitions in the 1980s and 1990s, Jeffrey started a new chapter by holding an annual solo exhibition at a luxury resort in Coffs Harbour.  This created an increase in demand to view and purchase Jeffrey’s art, and led him to open his own studio/ gallery in the heart of Coffs Harbour, where he can still be found today.  Around the same time, he also encountered God and his artwork began to reflect the new-found positivity and creative freedom that this new faith brought.

Happily married with three children, Jeffrey uses an open-minded approach to art making which allows him to constantly evolve and explore new techniques in his work. He takes inspiration from the endless beauty and diversity of both our natural and man made environments. His vibrant works display a unique ability to combine colour, balance, perspective and detail in unexpected and radical ways.

Jeffrey’s art is now on display in a large range of settings, from private homes and businesses to multi-million dollar hotels and corporations.  He has been commissioned to create huge works for public display, as well as themed installations for government buildings. And of course, there’s the satisfaction that comes from painting a custom-designed piece for that perfect spot in a beautiful home.  He has happy clients around Australia and all over the world, and his work is sought after by collectors both locally and internationally.

Jeffrey’s success has been in part due to his ability to understand and relate to his clients. His talents lie in not just being able to place colours and lines on a canvas, but in being able to create stories which capture the freedom and imagination of the viewer.  It’s these stories which help Jeffrey’s art resonate on so many different levels, stories to which you can return time after time or pass on for future generations.






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