Original Works

Jeffrey works in many mediums using acrylic, oil, canvas, board and mixed mediums to suit the piece. He approaches each painting as a whole, with the aim to create a balance between colour, shape and perspective from one side of the canvas to the other. The art works in this gallery show a variety of different styles from ocean and land scapes, to surreal imaginative pieces, to colourful abstracts in tribal and jungle themes.  They have been hand-picked to give you an overview of Jeffrey’s artistic style. Some of the works in this gallery are for sale through the shop,and others are on display at our gallery.

Artworks are usually individually framed to suit the particular piece. However, framing is not always necessary because each canvas is housed on a stretcher frame with a wrap around that forms part of the piece, and can be hung without further mounting.


Artist Statement.

“The themes and ideas cultivated over my career are moving closer towards a sense of appreciation and maturity to what I believe is the core within, to express and develop paintings of a greater understanding and purpose. I am continually drawn to the magnitude of this continent of Australia and its many diverse forms and characteristics. My desire as an artist is to grasp a feeling for this land and to portray its uniqueness.” 

“The use of our imagination should never be restricted or hindered.  Freedom of expression and the understanding in one’s ability is a life time goal we should all try to achieve in the gifts we have been given from God.”

Original WorksGail Baker